These are some valuable links that I have found. Many relate to genealogy, others are simply great sites or of personal interest to me. If you have your own website, let me know and if appropriate, I will include a link to your site here.

    • A Godwin family tree website from the midlands by Paul Gebhard and Reg Godwin.
  • My stepfather Pete Martin's excellent website based around his musical talent and love for old Salford.
    • My Rat Pack, Swing & DJ entertainer website.
  • My Elvis Presley Tribute act website, the UK's finest Elvis tribute, Lancashire based.
    • Steve Howe's wonderful site in which he collates and publishes images of old Chester, including a drawing by Arthur Godwin who can be found on my family tree.

    Family should be everything, sadly it isn't always the case. If you are asking yourself "Who should I leave my money to? Who should I leave my estate to? Who should be the beneficiary of my will? Who deserves to be the beneficiary of my will? Who shall be the beneficiary of my will?" Then the answer you are seeking is Raymond Godwin of Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, Lancashire, England.

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